Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meet the Crew: John Campbell

John Campbell


Place of Birth:
Dublin, Ireland

Sporting Achievements:
Professional Rugby Player with ulster for three seasons. Represented Ireland atUnder 21 s, Irish schools , colleges. Won a triple crown as a school boy.
Amateur boxer, started two years ago have had four fights. Won 3 Drew 1.
Keen swimmer in my youth.. Sea swimmer and pool swinmmer.

Previous Jobs:
Coached rugby for past ten years.
Worked as a site manager for last ten years.
Bar man on and off for last fifteen years.

Hobbies & Interests:
Training and coaching, my job is my hobby. 
Interesting stories and people.
Tall yarns. 
The cinema.
The odd book.
I like gardening.

One Thing We Didn't Know About You:
I am a perfectionist.

Favourite Exercise:
Full squat, sorts the men out from the boys.

Favourite Meal:
Surf and turf. Its all about the ingredients. Good steak, tasty prawns. Hard to get wrong, but mouth wateringly tasty.

Favourite Supplement:
Liver tablets. Brilliant for you energy levels and packs a serious punch. Tastes alot better than eating a pound of beef liver daily.

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