Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meet the Crew: Cian Taaffe

Cian Taaffe


Place of Birth:
Dublin, Ireland

Sporting Achievements:
Member of the winning Dodgeball Team in the UK & Ireland Championships 2007, in Glasgow

Previous Jobs:
Stand-Up Comedian
98FM Co-Presenter & Assistant Producer
Irish Teacher in UCD & on Gaeltacht Courses
Assistant Manager of Conradh na Gaeilge's Irish Language Bookshop

Hobbies & Interests:
Nutrition & Fitness
Reading & Writing
Radio & TV Production
Web Design
Strategy Based Board Games
Spending Time with Friends and Family

One Thing We Didn't Know About You:
I'm an award winning playwright. At the Irish Language 3rd Level Drama Festival, 2009, I received the award for best original piece for my stageplay, "An Ghealtacht" ("The Madhouse")

Favourite Exercise:
Full Squat: Even on low weights you can feel the burn, and after 60 repetitions of this exercise, you know you've gotten a good workout in, regardless if what other exercises you do that day. And it's the best for producing growth hormone.

Favourite Meal:
Turkey Breast & Raw Brocolli: Easy to prepare, great source of protein and can be eaten hot or cold.

Favourite Supplement:
Special Liver Formula: Great for an energy boost, and a good way to get some extra protein into your system throughout the day.

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