Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meet The Crew: Cath Dockrell

Cath Dockrell


Place of Birth:
Dublin, Ireland

Sporting Achievements:
All Ireland Medals in Athlethics
County Medals in Football

Previous Jobs:
Carnegie Court Hotel, Front of House Manager
Jackie Skelly Fitness, Duty Manager

Hobbies & Interests:
Resistance Training
Walking on beaches is sunshine and storms
Exploring the unknown
Having a cuppa at the window of a busy café and watching the world go by
Chatting to people
Listening to people's stories and passions

One Thing We Didn't Know About You:
I have a cat named Balthasar, he plays fetch and joins me on walks and likes baths. I think he may have been a dog in a past life.

Favourite Exercise:
I’m torn,
1.The full squat was key in shrinking my thighs and hips by 3 inches and in getting my fitness level to where it needed to be cardio wise to get back on the Gaa pitch, fantastic for producing Growth Hormone and testosterone which make sheading excess body fat a whole lot easier.
2. The Reverse Pullover, Really helped my posture pulled my shoulders back lifted my chest and pulled my tummy in…. Definitely an exercise that even after a client doing just once you can see the difference in their posture.

Favourite Meal:
Tuna Steak with fresh chillies and Raw Broccoli. I never bore of it.

Favourite Supplement:
Special Liver Formula, When I started to train in Educogym Drogheda I was adamant I was not going to take supplements. Although I was on a healthy balanced diet and trained regularly, my energy was low. From a very young age I had very dark circles under my eyes and bad skin. My trainer spent 6 months asking me to just try the Special Liver Formula. I did and over 5 years later if on the odd occasion I don’t take them I notice my energy lag and the dark circles more noticeable. The most common complement I get is on how health my skin looks and glows; my reply is always the same Special Liver Formula!!

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